vim-go initializing gopls

After some overly-aggressive cleaning of my GOPATH, vim “hung” with the message “vim-go: initializing gopls” the next time I edited a .go file. I discovered that running :GoInstallBinaries in vim would “fix” the problem and re-install the missing packages. vim-go: fillstruct not found. Installing to folder /Users/jlavoie/go/bin/ vim-go: godef not found. Installing to folder /Users/jlavoie/go/bin/ vim-go: motion not found. Installing to folder /Users/jlavoie/go/bin/ vim-go: errcheck not found. Installing github....

May 18, 2021 · 2 min · Jason Lavoie
example TextFSM template with syntax highlighting

Writing a vim syntax plugin

Motivation I was creating a TextFSM template, and was disappointed with the lack of syntax highlighting support for this filetype in my favorite text editor. Typically, this is just a plugin away, but an exhaustive search turned up nothing. So, like all good geeks, I rolled up my sleeves and made one myself. Process Over the years, I have written little snippets in my .vim/syntax/ directory, or added some missing syntax to someone else’s syntax plugin, but had never written one from scratch....

February 23, 2021 · 6 min · Jason Lavoie